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NATO's Stoltenberg Warns That Bakhmut May Fall 'In Coming Days'

NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg warned Wednesday that the devastated eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut may fall into Russian hands in the coming days.

АрміяInform | Wikimedia Commons

"What we see is that Russia is throwing more troops, more forces, and what Russia lacks in quality they try to make up in quantity," Stoltenberg told reporters in Stockholm.

What is the Value of Bakhmut:

  • The ongoing 6-month battle over "fortress Bakhmut" continues to grind on as Wagner troops claim to extend territorial gains in the East, despite heavy losses.

  • Experts claim that the capturing of Bakhmut will do little to change the course of the war, but has served as a killing ground as both sides try to inflict as much damage as possible on their enemy.

  • Bakhmut carries symbolic importance and represents a much-needed victory for both sides.

On the Ground:

  • Russian troops are attempting to encircle the city and cut off supply routes for Ukrainian defenders.

  • Despite the results in Bakhmut, both sides are using this battle as a means to reassess strategy and refocus on the next stages of the war.

  • The attrition of Russian manpower and ammunition will greatly affect how they will carry out a Spring offensive.

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