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Gang Violence Ensues in Rio Grande Do Norte, Brazil

Mass rioting has been instigated in Rio Grande Do Norte (RN) by imprisoned gang members from the Sindicato del Crimen who demand better living conditions. Reports have stated that the prison’s rejection of requests for televisions, electricity, and conjugal visits was a major contributing factor to the ordering of violence by inmates.

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CTG informs that this unrest may escalate throughout the country because the Brazilian government is unlikely to acquiesce to the Sindicato del Crimen’s demands regarding prison conditions.

The US Department of State has listed Brazil as a “Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution,” meaning recreational traveling for tourists is not advised, as there is a high level of crime.

What we know:

  • Attacks are indiscriminate; targeting both people and infrastructure.

  • Violence has included arson attacks on public buildings, businesses, gas stations, and public buses.

  • Gun violence has increased, with attacks directed toward public buildings.

  • Schools in RN suspended services as there is a HIGH LIKELIHOOD that buses will be targeted. Public bus services have already been suspended.

  • City buildings, courthouses, police bases, and banks were attacked in RN’s capital, Natal.

  • Brazilian government deployed 220 members from the National Security Force to RN after reports of shooting attacks in at least 35 cities over four consecutive nights.

  • RN has canceled classes and commercial activity indefinitely.

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