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Islamic Council Issues Groundbreaking Fatwa Against Hamas

In a groundbreaking and evolving story, for the first time a fatwa has been issued against Hamas by an official Islamic legislative body.

Screenshot from The Islamic Fatwa Council's Message

What Happened:

After viewing a video series titled "Whispered in Gaza", the Iraqi-based Islamic Fatwa Council decided to issue the fatwa. Sunni, Sufi, and Shia clerics have issued this fatwa and charged Hamas with “violating the laws of the Koran and the prophet Mohammad”.

As Hamas is partially funded by Shia Iran, and the council includes a Shia cleric, this could have far-ranging implications.

Hamas, a Gaza-based terror group, is a religiously motivated, Sunni offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood movement. Since violently taking over the territory in 2007, Hamas continues to impose a strict Islamic code on Gazan residents.

What is a Fatwa?

The Arabic word fatwa can mean “explanation” or “clarification” and refers to an edict or ruling by a recognized religious authority on a point of Islamic law. The process of issuing a fatwa usually begins when a Muslim, confronted with a problem of life, belief or law, is unsure what to do.

Watch the statement by Ayatollah Budairi below:

Muslim cleric speaks about the fatwa issued against Hamas

Main Points:

  • This ruling might signify a blow against Hamas's legitimacy in Gaza, and throughout the Islamic world

  • The fatwa condemns the oppression of Palestinians living under Hamas rule in Gaza

  • In a bold statement, the fatwa states that "It is prohibited to pray for, join, support, finance, or fight on behalf of Hamas - an entity that adheres to the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood movement”

  • Fatwas are non-binding but are viewed as influential in Islam

  • The fatwa does not condemn Hamas attacks that have killed Israelis

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