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Chinese Ferry Changes Name Suggesting New Taiwan Focus

One of China's PLA-associated ferries has recently changed its name from 'Hai Yang Dao' to 'Min Tai Zhi Xing'. Analysts online have suggested that the name change might be from "Ocean Island" to "Fujian and Taiwan Execution" or "Star of Fujian and Taiwan".

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It is difficult to determine the true name of the vessel without knowing the original Mandarin characters, instead relying solely on the transcribed pinyin displayed on public marine trackers.

About the Vessel:

  • The vessel is labeled as a Passenger/Roll On-Roll Off (RO-RO) Cargo Ship that was built in 1995.

  • The home port is listed as Dalian, China.

  • It is owned by the Cosco Shipping Ferry Co. LTD.

  • The International Maritime Organization (IMO) number of the ship is '9110793' and the callsign is 'BPXZ'.

According to the company's website, the Min Tai Zhi Xing is now leaving the Bohai-Gulf for Hong Kong. This comes as a similar cargo ship, the Pu Tuo Dao (whose home port is also Dalian), remains anchored off the coast of southern China. Both of these vessels have ventured from their typical Yellow Sea routes for unknown reasons.


Update 3/14/2023 5:16 PM EST

A press release about the "Star of Fujian and Taiwan" from the E-Bridge Freight Co. LTD. states that the ship will be traveling between Taiwan to Xiamen. The new voyages are set to begin in April 2023.

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