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Captured Russian Memo Reveals Strange Orders

A photo of a captured memo has been circulating on Russian-language social media, including Twitter and Telegram. The documents were reportedly found on a Russian serviceman who was killed in action in Ukraine but have yet to be confirmed as authentic.

What are some of the major directives?

Some of the points appear to be normal standard operating procedures for deployed Russian units, however, some instructions are more intriguing. These include:

  1. Wear proper attire; do not wear patches or other insignia identifying your unit.

  2. Be reserved while dealing with the civilians in "liberated areas", do not seek contact with them, and do not accept any food or other items from them.

  3. Use first person: WE advance, etc.

  4. Tell civilians in "liberated areas" that Russia is here forever, and advise them to only use official Russian info sources.

  5. Refer to the Ukrainian troops only as Nazis/nationalists, militants, and invaders; tell locals that we are at war with NATO.

  6. In case of incidents (traffic incidents, servicemen under influence of alcohol/drugs, injuries or fatalities among civilians, etc.) identify yourself as a Wagner PMC combatant.

  7. Servicemen are not banned from occupying empty housing in "liberated areas" but only if it is confirmed that the residents are no longer present in the same settlement. The same applies to vehicles. In emergencies, it is allowed to remove residents if it's authorized.

  8. Any statements in relation to Russia's military and political leaders should only be in a positive light.

One of the most interesting directives is to identify as a Wagner PMC, should any negative incidents occur with the local populace. The memo offers a glimpse into the mentality of Russian military leadership, as well as the war of information that is being waged on the ground in Russian-occupied Ukraine.

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