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'Black Skills' Group Unleashed: The Birth of a Private Military Hacking Empire

Killmilk, the leader of the notorious hacktivist DDoS group Killnet, announced the formation of Black Skills, a Private Military Hacking Company, via Telegram on March 13, 2023.

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This is seen as an attempt to solidify and legitimize their DDoS efforts, as they have built infrastructure similar to that of a legitimate cybersecurity organization.

Black Skills, a Private Military Hacking company appears to be part of the growing presence of private military companies in Russia and is most likely a call to action to be used by the Kremlin as a cyber mercenary group.

The use of Telegram by threat groups is not a new occurrence, cybercriminals are increasingly flocking to Telegram due to its privacy features, encryption, and ease of use. The platform's channels and groups allow for the smooth exchange of information and collaboration, making it an ideal hub for providing DDoS as a service.

Intel471 explains what makes Telegram so effective for threat actors. These groups use Telegram because it allows them to create specialized channels for niche audiences who aren't represented in other underground communities. They can then carry out illegal operations more effectively by forming and joining networks that share their interests and objectives.

The growing threat posed by criminals using encrypted communication platforms for malicious purposes is highlighted by their use of Telegram, emphasizing the need for increased awareness and public-private sector collaboration to combat this trend.

Key Points

  • Killmilk (leader of Killnet), has announced the formation of Black Skills, a Private Military Hacking Company.

  • Black Skills has made claims about 24 departments that would add operational infrastructure to the organization.

  • Telegram continues to be used by Threat Actors due to the ease of communication and formation of niche audiences.

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