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Making Open Source Intelligence Interesting Again

We have a problem in the national security and intelligence industry - content is far too dry and boring.  Cybersecurity reports lull you to sleep, terrorist profiles are shallow affairs, and complex military operations are relegated to 'Xs and Os' on a topographical map. 


Where are all the high-speed, hard-hitting, world-shifting research that surrounds this community?

We're talking about nation-state hackers, foreign influence operations and PSYOPs, the emergence of domestic violent extremism, and a resurgence of espionage that rivals the era of Cold War spies and saboteurs.  Where is the intrigue and mystery that envelops intelligence work?


We deserve better content!


Formed in late 2021, Overt Operator has leveraged its network of intelligence professionals across a variety of sectors to drive impactful and, above all, interesting content.  Whether that be via our daily newsletters, finished intelligence products and reference material,  or our crowdsourced intelligence projects that are developed and researched in our Discord community.  We strive to give our readers the opportunity to mark their names on meaningful investigative work - whatever your flavor.


We are dedicated to the art of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and believe that this modern age of internet-based digital investigations has evolved in such a way that empowers the common person.  The bureaucratic government organizations of old are in shambles, and in their place stands a new period of citizen-led intelligence.

Care to join us?

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